BlackSpace…at the Intersection of Diversity, Agency, and Design

October 18, 2022 $15 Museum Member | $10 Student | $20 Non-member


This program continues the National Building Museum’s Equity in the Built Environment series of conversations that focus on how buildings, landscapes, interiors, and streets can be the cause of—and, more important, the cure for—social and racial disparities.

The BlackSpace Urbanist Collective is joining the National Building Museum for a series of three facilitated conversations (September 8, October 18, November 19) exploring the importance of Black spaces and the power of design in creating and conserving these spaces for Black people.

The workshops are thought and action sessions, where participants re-conceptualize an existing interior space using principles of inclusive and culturally affirming design. The workshops will expand thinking about the possibilities for affirming Black cultural presence in design projects and provide participants with a chance for deeper discussion and collaboration. They are limited to 35 people each. No design experience needed! Open to all professionals, students, and the design curious.

September 8 and October 18 are virtual (Zoom) workshops. November 19 is an in-person design workshop at the National Building Museum.