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  • General Sustainability Information
    While being “green” is no longer novel, DPR believes building in ways that support sustainability is simply the right thing to do for the environment and business... it’s reflected in the way we build our own facilities. High-performing buildings that support healthy environments for communities and building occupants routinely produce greater marketability, higher employee productivity and improved building efficiencies. To help develop and implement the best strategies for your project, DPR combines experienced people, a collaborative methodology and custom tools to help you address your triple bottom line: environmental, social, and economic. Click here to read more about DPR’s philosophy on sustainability.
  • The Path to Net Zero
    DPR Construction has embraced the net-zero energy challenge in far more than just theory. Regional office projects in San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Sacramento, Austin and elsewhere demonstrate how the company’s core value of being “ever forward” is fulfilled through environmentally responsible spaces that benefit not only DPR’s own employees but also the communities in which they work. Click here to read more about DPR’s Path to Net-Zero Energy.
  • Revitalizing Urban Areas Through Adaptive Reuse
    In a shift from the midcentury trend of downtown abandonment and blight due to the rise of suburbs, adaptive reuse has been gaining ground—a shift The National Trust for Historic Preservation calls “reurbanism.” Adaptive reuse differs from restoration or historic preservation because it fundamentally changes the purpose of a building to meet different occupant needs. It creates an opportunity to not only update the aesthetics of a structure, but to push the envelope in design and construction by transforming aging structures into high performing buildings. Click here to learn more about DPR’s work in adaptive reuse.
  • Channeling the Power of “And”
    Click here to learn about how DPR Construction built its new Washington, D.C. regional office to be a high-performance building—maximizing sustainability, employee well being, AND creating a workplace for the 21st century.
  • Creating Healthy Spaces
    There is compelling evidence healthy workspaces benefit employee health and the bottom line. From work in its own offices and for customers, DPR is collaborating with project partners to pursue rating systems that deliver healthy spaces—through the WELL Building Standard™ and fitwel®—that quickly pencil out financially and deliver benefits that last long into the facility’s lifespan. Since many of the design and construction strategies that can support these certifications seamlessly blend with green building standards, customers can get significant value for their investment. Click here to learn about DPR’s journey to creating healthy spaces.