Climate ABC

Climate ABC focuses on three essential aspects to addressing climate change: Actions by individuals, businesses, nonprofits, policy makers, and civic entities; examples of Building, both physical structures and landscapes, as well as coalitions of stakeholders; and Communities at every scale that are working to reduce carbon emissions. This new program series will offer dynamic programs designed both to educate the public about climate action, and to drive for substantive solutions in the building industries to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

As a primary driver of global warming, carbon emissions impact everything from the future of coastal cities to the record flooding that threatens communities across the country and around the world. At the onset of a decade that may determine the future of our planet, the built environment is responsible for nearly 40% of carbon emissions worldwide. The Museum recognizes the critical role the building industries can and must have in addressing climate change — and is committed to offering programs that educate and empower innovative and positive action.